The cycle of the GREEN BRANDS award procedure for each country is two years.


This means that the quality labels awarded also have a two-year validity period.


The two-year procedure will be concluded with an exclusive tribute event in the respective country in honour of all awarded brands.


Not “only” the brands are honored, but also a GREEN BRAND’s personality in the country concerned.


In AUSTRIA the first trial was held in November 2012, the second in December 2014, the third at the end of November 2016 and the fourth in November 2018 with the closing gala and publication of the books finished. We are now in the fifth trial, which will be concluded in November 2020.


In GERMANY, the first procedure was completed in November 2013, the second in November 2015 and the third in November 2017. The fourth – ongoing – procedure will be concluded in November 2019.


Procedures are currently starting in SWITZERLAND, Hungary, Slovakia and the Czech Republic.