The time-frame for the GREEN BRANDS validation process – in any country – is two years. This means that the awarded seals are valid for a two-year period.

The two-year validation process is always concluded with a gala event which takes in each honored brand’s respective country.

The first awarding process in AUSTRIA was concluded in November 2012, the second in December 2014 and the third in November 2016. The current, fourth validation process will be concluded in November 2018. In GERMANY, the first awarding process was concluded in November 2013, the second in November 2015 and the third in November 2017. The fourth – current – awarding process will be concluded in November 2019.

In SWITZERLAND, Czech Republic, Hungary and Slovakia we will start very soon with our GREEN BRANDS awarding process!

You can find more information on the honored brands’ respective countries in the WHERE section.