The GREEN BRANDS SEAL is the official representation of an honored brand’s proven dedication to ecological sustainability.

Only honored brands, those companies that have successfully passed our meticulous and extensive validation process, will receive the GREEN BRANDS SEAL. The SEAL is valid for two years.

After two years, honored brands may elect to go through our re-validation process and, if successful, will receive the SEAL featuring a star. The star is indicative of a company’s ongoing dedication to staying GREEN.

Note: The SEAL, which is protected by patent in over 30 countries, may only be used once the honored brand receives official written confirmation.

In each country, the SEAL is awarded every two years. The following SEALS have been awarded so far:


GREEN BRAND Austria 2011 / 2012 GREEN BRAND Austria 2012 / 2013 GREEN BRAND 2013 / 2014 REEN BRAND Austria 2014 / 2015 GREEN BRAND Austria 2015 / 2016
GREEN BRAND Austria 2016 / 2017 GREEN BRAND Austria 2017 / 2018  BRAND Austria 2018 / 2019


germany_1213 GREEN BRAND Germany 2016 / 2017 GREEN BRAND Germany 2015 / 2016 GREEN BRAND Germany 2016 / 2017 GREEN BRAND Germany 2017 / 2018
GREEN BRAND Germany 2018 / 2019