The GREEN BRANDS validation process was designed to weed out any weak points, in regards to environmental practices, that a company might have and bring to light any changes in operations and production processes they must make. It should be noted that our findings often result in a significant reduction of operating and production costs.

Companies will be given the opportunity to develop ways to improve their level on the GREEN BRANDS INDEX via our training seminars and workshops which are offered by an independent consulting agency for climate protection and sustainability.

These seminars and workshops are available to both companies that have been honored as a GREEN BRAND and, more specifically, companies which have not yet reached a sufficient level on the GREEN BRANDS INDEX. Companies are to be fully supported in extending their efforts in the field of environmental protection and sustainability in order to qualify for the GREEN BRAND award. Through our special training, companies may improve their level on the index.

These offers are optional and will be arranged according to an individual company’s requirements and feedback.