AUSTRIA 2017 / 2018

The current evaluation process of GREEN BRANDS Austria 2017/2018 is in full swing!

The already nominated companies and brands will be notified and will receive the opportunity to participate. Numerous companies / products are already in the validation process.


Those brands which have passed the first method successfully, have the chance to go through a re-validation process, and therefore the opportunity to re-award, and thus to receive the seal of approval with one star! Those brands which passed the re-validation successfully, are allowed to start the second re-validation process to be awarded for the third time in a row and receive the GREEN BRANDS Austria 2017/2018 label with two stars; those brands which passed the re-validation successfully the third time receive the GREEN BRANDS Austria 2017/2018 quality-seal with three stars!


Thomas Weber




Dr. Friedrich Hinterberger

SERI Nachhaltigkeitsforschungs und –kommunikations GmbH


Mag. Susanne Hasenhüttl


Scientific Project Manager

Doris Holler-Bruckner

oekonews-Tageszeitung für erneuerbare Energie und Nachhaltigkeit

Executive Editor

Mag. Stephan Blahut

Österreichischer Gewerbeverein


Mag. Markus Hafner-Auinger, MA


Managing Director


Dr. Christian Plas

denkstatt GmbH

Managing Director

Ruth Hofmann


Project Management oliv Austria


Sandra Majewski

MAJEWSKI good for brands

Managing Director

Ulrich Weber

bio Magazin



Dr. Andrea Grimm

Studiengangsleitung Green Marketing

Fachbereichsleitung Innovationsmanagement

Fachhochschule Wiener Neustadt GmbH – Marketing Campus Wieselburg


The fourth validation process is in full progress. The nominated brands will be informed about and can join the program. The first awarded GREEN BRANDS Austria 2017/2018 are:


claro   dmBio   Das Grüne Hotel   Brauerei Gratzer   Riess Kelomat  Ries   BrauUnion Österreich   Römerquelle   BuLu    SpitzAlmaWin  Klar EcoSensitive  K3 KitzKongress   Palfinger   W.E.B  alverde Naturkosmetik 


The Austrian Environmental Journalism Award


The Austrian Environmental Journalism Award was initiated in 2017 by the environmental initiative MUTTER ERDE / ORF in order to sensitize the media, the public and companies to environmental issues and to promote quality and critical reporting on environmentally relevant topics.

The environmental initiative MUTTER ERDE ( is an association of ORF and Austria’s leading environmental and nature conservation organisations – Alpenverein, BirdLife, GLOBAL 2000, Greenpeace, Naturfreunde, Naturschutzbund, VCÖ and WWF.

For resource reasons, the environmental initiative MUTTER ERDE has decided to no longer award the prize itself. Since a strengthening of quality and critical journalism on environmental topics is still relevant, a successor was sought for the award.

We are pleased that from 2018 the GREEN BRANDS organisation is now the new sponsor and organiser!


We receive fundamental support from the Sustainability Institute SERI ( and the Austrian Journalists’ Club (

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